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Será mi equipaje facturado hasta el destino final? - Baza Wiedzy / General Information - Sky-Tours Support Ticket system

Será mi equipaje facturado hasta el destino final?

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If you have booked different connecting flights within the same booking and they are operated by the same airline (or the airlines are part of the same alliance such as SkyTeam, Star Alliance or OneWorld), your baggage will certainly be sent to your final destination.

The exception to this is if you are traveling to the US or Canada from an airport outside of the US or Canada where you will be required to collect your baggage at the first point of entry and check in with your baggage again,
 no matter where you’re going on your second flight.

Your checked baggage might not head directly to your final destination if you have connecting flights operated by different airlines, even though most of the airlines have set up agreements between them to avoid that situation.

If your connecting flights are operated by different low-cost carriers, you will also have to claim your baggage at each airport and check them back in again for the next flight.

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