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What is my baggage allowance?

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What's a baggage allowance?

Baggage allowances are the limits imposed by airlines on baggage amounts that can be carried by each passenger. Those limits differ from one airline to another and depend on the fare you have booked.

Please note that most restricted fares may not include any free baggage allowance or may impose a specific weight limit. While making your booking online you will be able to check the baggage included in your ticket. With some airlines, you will also be offered the possibility of adding bags to your booking in just one click.

How can I check my baggage allowance? 

Just have a look at the booking confirmation email that we sent you right after your purchase, the baggage allowance is displayed inside the electronic ticket next to each arrival time:

Please contact us through our online chat if you cannot see this information on your tickets. 
What happens if the booking is composed by 2 different tickets? 

If you have been issued 2 electronic tickets in your booking, please note that the baggage allowance can vary from one airline to another and you can end by having completely different baggage allowance in your flights. Most of domestic flights do not include baggage allowance. Contact us to get more detailed information.
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