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Delayed or canceled flights

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What is a schedule change?

Airlines are sometimes forced to change their flight schedules for operational reasons or force majeure. We offer only passive notification support and it is your responsibility to verify the status of your booking as often as you can through  (Booking Number and last name)  and check if the timings still are the same. As soon as the airlines make changes, you will be advised to contact our support team.

If your booking is affected by a cancellation or delay you may be offered another flight or in some cases a full refund ( Sky-tours original service fee for ticket issuance is, at any time, non-refundable). No refunds are possible if you accept any alternative flight offered by the airline.

Also note that in the case of a special roundtrip booking comprising of two one-way tickets, any amendment or cancellation does not affect the other ticket. This is for different e-tickets, probably issued by different airlines.

If you cannot access your booking online due to an airline change, please contact us:


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