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Change my ticket

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Have your plans changed? We can help you find an alternative for your trip!

Before making any changes to your booking, we need to check whether your ticket fare permits changes. Take note that all changes such as date or route amendments are subject to the conditions defined by the airline depending on your fare and generally, budget tickets do not permit any kind of change. 

How much will it cost? 

When changes are allowed, the airline will require you to pay the fare difference between the old ticket and the new one. In some cases, an additional penalty may be added by the carrier. Our administration fee is 65€ per passenger and per ticket.



Ticket amendment cost example:

Initial ticket price: 100€

Price of new ticket today: 120€

Difference in airfare: 20€

Airline change fee: 50€

Sky-tours administration fee: 65€ 

Total amount to be paid for the modification: 130€ ( 20€ + 50 € + 65 € )


If you wish to proceed with a modification, please click below:

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